A round Tuit


It’s the same every year. August. There you are on your inflatable li-lo, sipping on a Cocktail / Beer / Orange juice soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying downtime, with the rest of the year stretching ahead. You get on the flight back and before you know it BOOM! SCS are giving us deadlines and John Lewis are making us cry. It’s like time goes into fast forward….the schools go back, half term, Halloween, Bonfire night, shopping panic, Christmas parties, Christmas Day, that strange bit between where you make lots of plans but achieve nothing (this bit might be just me) then HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Blink and it’s January and you are still there in the same old job.

The good news is that it is only November and you still have chance to get a round Tuit before 2018. We have Account Management, On-Site, Trainee Consultant, Recruitment Consultant, Senior Consultant, Management and Director level roles across lots of different sectors – call us today on 01484 604604 or email in confidence careers@rec2rec-search.com



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