Wednesday Surgery – opening this week



Are you in the right sector for your personality? What should you be earning? Are your targets reasonable? Have you “hit the wall” and can’t see a way over it? Is your career on track? What do you need to do to be able to progress? Is the recruitment industry right for you?  Is leaving or staying the right thing to do?

It is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding industries out there. A skilled recruiter can help shape entire careers, open doors and make introductions where both the company can advance, and the candidate can develop massively.

It’s not, however, an easy game. Targets, KPI’s, plate spinning, big personalities and bosses with high expectations can make the relatively simple job become complicated. If you are looking for a long-term career it will be tough with bumps in the road.

In my 23 years in the industry it has had huge ups and downs. I’ve had some fantastic times and some, let’s be honest, terrible experiences in those early days.

When things went wrong in the past, I had some incredible bosses who let me make mistakes and learn. One managerial gem from those days which stuck with me was “You have my permission to do it, as long as you can live with the consequences”.  This stops a maverick dead in their tracks, I can confirm.

I was supported, developed, shown good practice and over the course of time I became confident in my abilities to start a recruitment business.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of good leadership and not everyone is able to learn by their mistakes without feeling fearful of what might happen to them.

Sometimes the answer is to leave and find a new role but most of the time a problem can be sorted out quite quickly, by finding the right advice.

Throughout November, every Wednesday afternoon from 1pm – 7pm we are trialling a new service for experienced and inexperienced recruiters, The Wednesday Surgery. This is a totally free of charge, confidential service where you can call and speak with me.

We can give you experience based tips and if we don’t know the answer we can point you in the direction of better qualified help.

Recruitment isn’t just about targets and making a fee. It’s about offering everyone a consultative, relevant service in an environment where they can feel safe to talk about it.

The number to call is 01484 604604 or alternatively please send me an email and we can book time in to speak.

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