Why use a Rec2Rec Specialist?

I often get asked, “Why, if you work in the recruitment industry, would you ever need to use a Rec2Rec consultant?” I always then ask, “Why do applicants use recruiters for any role?” There are a few reasons you should consider speaking with a specialist prior to making a move.

Time – This is all we do, day in and day out. As you specialise in your market sector, we specialise in the Recruitment Market. We are constantly speaking with recruiters and businesses. If the role is there, then we know about it. We are connected to the Industry leaders and can work quickly and effectively when you need it the most.

Choice  – A good recruiter can provide selected choice. We look at your personality, experience, cultural requirements and career aspirations and can put you in touch with 2 or 3 companies that match your needs. We think about your career in broader terms. You might think that you have to follow a certain path due to your sector experience, but there are usually more options than you may have considered.

Confidentiality – We fiercely protect your confidentiality. Nobody will ever know that you are looking for a career move. We work with companies very closely to ensure that no breaches of confidence are ever made. You are able to speak openly and honestly about why you want to move and we liaise with only the most trusted businesses in the industry. We let you know where your CV is going. You will never find that we have sent your CV to a company without you knowing.

Market knowledge – Let’s face it, there are 100’s of recruitment companies out there. When you start to look for a new role it really can be a minefield. Some companies claim to cover specialist sector recruitment when they would just like to, some claim to be bigger or more stable than they really are, some have a high staff turnover and it can be really difficult to work out where to go. All of our clients are known to us. We won’t just work with anyone. We have to be happy before we take on a new client. We do regular credit checks on clients and decline business from risky companies.

Hidden Gems – As a recruiter you spend all day, every day working hard within your sector. You might be an Industrial Recruiter placing in factories or a Finance Specialist working with the banks. You know your main competitors but there will be some fantastic recruitment companies who you just have not come across or heard of.

Experience – I started in recruitment in the mid- 1990’s (I know I don’t look old enough) and still do the first stage interviews for all our candidates. It’s important that you feel confident that your application is understood. We don’t always go on to represent everyone but we tell you why. I always try to give the best advice, whether it’s what you were expecting or not. I also tell you the good and the not so good about a career move, so that you are making an informed experience. We can give you realistic expectations in terms of salary, package and career development.

Candidates in all walks of life use recruitment professionals to secure their next career move, so with all of this in mind why would you not use a Rec2Rec? There are some really good ones out there.

Don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at some of the recommendations received recently –

Rachael placed me at Taskmaster over 9 years ago now and I also use Rachael service’s whenever I see a need to recruit within the branch. Rachael is professional and honest and one of the best Rec to Recs I have worked with. – KR

I am happy to recommend Rachael for Rec to Rec services. Rachael assisted me in finding my current position, throughout the process she was friendly, professional and helpful. Rachael kept me informed throughout the process promptly and was always available to answer any questions that I had. Since my placement I have had the opportunity to recruit a candidate from Rachael, again, Rachael was efficient and professional throughout the process and successfully sourced the right candidate first time. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Rachael to source candidates again in future. – SG

I have used Rachael’s Services to recruit experienced consultants for my office in Airdrie. Rachael took time to understand our Business and kept me fully informed every step of the way and sent me CV’s relevant to the position we were recruiting for. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachael to your business. – CL

I would highly recommend Rachael Webb, very professional lady, cannot thank her enough for assisting me to join Taskmaster in Airdrie, I am very happy as a consultant and so glad I made the move. Rachael is very efficient, friendly and helpful, would advise anyone looking for a move in Recruitment to not hesitate in contacting Rachael asap. Thanks again, – LC

Rachael is one of the best recruiters that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. She keeps you up to date with progress of an application and is very thorough in providing a description of a job role. Well known with her clients, she should be the first contact for your recruitment needs. She has seeked advice from me also, which she took on board, and I appreciate this kind of trust between us. I hope I can deal with her again, if I ever look for another position. – CH

Rachael is most definitely the best REC to REC out there! She is patience, sincere, honest and always has both the candidate and clients best interests at heart. I found the whole process of working with Rachael, simplistic, reliable and above anything professional yet fun! I would highly recommend her to both those pursuing a new working opportunity or a client who needs a expert to work in partnership with! – VR

After 11 years with my employer at the time I approached Rec2Rec’s with trepidation and a dive in to the unknown. After my first conversation with Rachael I found myself at ease and impressed with Rachael’s professionalism, knowledge and contacts within the Yorkshire recruitment industry. I had to be sure who I was working with understood my outlook. If you are looking for a move in recruitment please give Rachael a call. A job well done and I am now in to my new fantastic job in Leeds. – JT

For more information see https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachaelwebbr2r/