A round Tuit

It’s the same every year. August. There you are on your inflatable li-lo, sipping on a Cocktail / Beer / Orange juice soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying downtime, with the rest of the year stretching ahead. You get on the flight back and before you know it BOOM! SCS are giving us deadlines […]

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The Florist VS the Supermarket

Over the last few years, I have seen an increasing number of blogs and social media posts from Recruiters and Search Consultants lambasting Recruitment Companies who offer low fee placements, reduced flat fees or seasonal discounts. The last one I saw made me think about the reasoning behind it and why a professional recruiter may […]

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Why use a Rec2Rec Specialist?

I often get asked, “Why, if you work in the recruitment industry, would you ever need to use a Rec2Rec consultant?” I always then ask, “Why do applicants use recruiters for any role?” There are a few reasons you should consider speaking with a specialist prior to making a move. Time – This is all we do, […]

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The new offices

This is just a quick update regarding our renovation work. Due to a couple of delays and small issues we are hoping that the new offices will be open and ready for business in Jan 2017. The interview room (pictured here) should be finished within a week or two with the rest following in December. […]

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Recommend a friend scheme

This is just a quick reminder to let you know that we have a fabulous referral scheme in place. If you recommend a friend or colleague you can claim vouchers of your choice* Trainee / Resourcer / Researcher – Under 12 mth experience as a Consultant – £150 Over 12 months Recruitment Industry Experience – £200 *How […]

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